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Derin Yarsuvat

Derin Yarsuvat is a Game Designer at Gram Games. An avid gamer turned professional, Derin studied Game Design and Development at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he learned to design, develop, and shamelessly beg artists for assets to create games.

Abdullah Seymen


Abdullah Seymen is a game artist at Gram Games. He graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, with a degree in industrial product design. He’s been working in the mobile gaming industry for four years - prior to that, he was working on a team developing cartoon movie series. He’s also a drone pilot, and is just crazy about filming with his drone.

Doğaç Yavuz


Doğaç Yavuz is a game designer at Gram Games. He has been involved with developing games one way or another for the last 9 years, and played them extensively for much longer. He  also holds a Sociology degree that is of no use to anyone, but it sure comes handy when talking about really boring stuff

Oğuz Konya


Oğuz Konya is a game developer at Gram Games. He holds a master's degree in Game Technologies and has 7 years of experience in game development. He is a hardcore gamer and he enjoys gaming with his wife and scaring his baby by making loud noises.

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